Future work

These are the performance and best value audits which we are planning to do over the next year. If you want more information, you can contact the business manager for this work, Rikki Young, at ryoung@audit-scotland.gov.uk.

Scotland's colleges 2016

To be published August 2016

Scotland’s colleges play an important role in helping to achieve sustainable economic growth by contributing to the development of a highly educated and skilled workforce. Over the last few years colleges have faced significant changes and are...

Social work in Scotland

To be published September 2016

Councils' social work departments provide essential services to some of the most vulnerable people in society. The services they provide to children, adults and families, and other specific groups and aim to transform people’s lives.


NHS in Scotland 2016

To be published October 2016

Audit Scotland prepares an annual overview on the NHS in Scotland on behalf of the Auditor General for Scotland.

For this year, we will assess the financial performance of the NHS based on information from the annual accounts and audit...

Local government overview reporting in 2016/17

To be published November 2016

Scotland's 32 councils provide public services to the people of Scotland, including education, social care, waste management, cultural services and planning. They spend around £19 billion a year on these services, employ over 200,000 staff and...

Falkirk Council Best Value follow-up audit 2016

To be published winter 2016

Audit Scotland has conducted two Best Value audits on Falkirk Council on behalf of the Accounts Commission. The most recent report in August 2015, concluded that the council needed to increase the scale and pace of change in transforming and...