Future work

These are the project scopes for performance and best value audits which we are planning to do over the next year. If you want more information, you can contact the business manager for this work, Rikki Young, at ryoung@audit-scotland.gov.uk.

Self-directed support: a follow-up audit

To be published summer 2017

Self-directed support (SDS) changes the way people with social care needs are supported. It aims to improve the impact that care and support has on people’s lives by giving them choice and control of the type of support they get. We are now six...

Equal pay

To be published autumn 2017

Equal pay is a substantial issue across local government in Scotland. At March 2015, Scottish councils had paid £605 million to employees in equal pay compensation and estimated that about 30,000 equal pay cases remained outstanding.  This audit...

Ferry services in Scotland

To be published autumn 2017

The Scottish Government, through Transport Scotland, provides financial assistance to reduce the cost of ferry travel on routes that are considered 'lifeline' for remote and rural communities.  This is intended to help maintain rural populations...

NHS in Scotland 2017

To be published October 2017

Each year the Auditor General for Scotland publishes a review of the NHS in Scotland. The report highlights significant issues facing the NHS. This year our audit will comment on areas including the financial performance of the NHS in Scotland in...

Early learning and childcare

To be published winter 2017

The Scottish Government has committed to improving and increasing high quality, flexible early learning and childcare (ELC) which is accessible and affordable for all children and families. The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (the...

Are ALEOs improving council services?

To be published spring 2018

Councils are facing increasing service demands at a time of cost and public funding pressures. To meet these challenges they need to consider different options for delivering services. Many councils use what are known as “arm’s-length external...