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Performance Information

Performance Information

Map of Scotland

The Accounts Commission has a statutory responsibility to specify information that councils must publish about their performance, in the form of statutory performance indicators (SPIs). The information is collected and published locally by each council. The Commission then publishes information about the comparative performance of councils across Scotland.

During 2009, the Accounts Commission agreed a new Direction for the SPIs. This has been a significant change from previous years. The Compendium contains information published annually by councils where there are links to the prepared reports.


Map of Scotland

View information for each council, and assess changes in performance over time.


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View information by service area, and compare performance between councils.

Corporate indicators

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View the corporate performance indicators developed by the five UK audit agencies.

Fire and Rescue

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View information for each fire and rescue service separately, and assess changes in performance over time.

Police forces

police station

View information for each police force separately, and assess performance over time.