Going global

Audit Scotland’s work attracts interest from across the world. Whether it’s financial devolution, auditing Local Government, or data visualisation, we’re pleased to share our knowledge and expertise with delegates from overseas.

As an organisation that strives to be world class and improve the use of public money, we recognise that to achieve this, we need to learn what works well elsewhere and challenge ourselves in the work we do. All our international work has an important contribution to make to support this vision.

Recent activity

China - Visit by the Guangzhou Audit Bureau

Visit by Guangzhou Audit Bureau

In October, we got the opportunity to talk about all things environmental when a delegation from the Guangzhou Audit Bureau paid a visit to our Edinburgh office. Colleagues from the Performance Audit and Best Value Team met with the delegation to discuss our corporate approach to climate change and share information about proposed audit work in this important area.

As part of the visit, the delegation heard from Douglas Black, one of our Audit Managers, who managed our performance audit on Reducing Scottish greenhouse gas emissions.


Cayman Islands – Visit by the Office of the Auditor General

Visit by the Office of the Auditor General, Cayman Islands

In September, colleagues from across Audit Scotland, got the opportunity to meet with Angela Cullen, Director of Performance Audit from the office of the Auditor General in the Cayman Islands. Angela is currently on secondment from Audit Scotland to the Cayman Islands.

Angela shared her experiences so far, which have included developing a performance audit work programme. The visit helped to strengthen and build links between our audit offices and we look forward to further exchanges of information.


Japan - Visit by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) and Deloitte

Japanese visitors

A delegation from CIPFA and Deloitte in Japan visited us in July, arranged through Sophie Flemig (far right with visitors), Accounts Commission member, who is also a Research Fellow and Assistant Director at the Centre for Service Excellence at the University of Edinburgh. Our visitors were keen to learn more about our performance audit work and specifically how we measure performance and outcomes through our audit work.

The delegates also heard from Aileen Campbell one of our auditors, who recently completed a secondment with the Glasgow Centre for Population Health to evaluate the social and health impacts of Sistema Scotland’s 'Big Noise' programme.


Indonesia - Visit by the Centre for State Financial Accountability Analysis

Indonesian visitors

In May, we got the opportunity to talk about all things scrutiny when a delegation from Indonesia’s Centre for Financial Analysis and Accountability paid a visit to our Edinburgh office. Antony Clark, Jillian Matthew and Sarah Pollock from the Performance Audit and Best Value Team gave an insight into how we report to the Scottish Parliament, and the impact our reports make.


Earlier this year

Canadian Performance Audit Symposium


Thanks to video conferencing technology, Jillian Matthew (above right) and Nichola Williams (left) from our Performance Audit and Best Value team were able to appear at a Canadian National Performance Audit Symposium and demonstrate how we’re using Tableau software to bring the data from our reports to life.

Palestine - Visit by the SAACB

Palestinian visitors

In February 2017, we welcomed two auditors from the Palestinian State Audit and Administrative and Control Bureau (SAACB). The auditors spent five days with us, learning more about our work and specifically our approach to auditing Local Government in Scotland.

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"Presenting to overseas delegates has improved my presentation skills as it really made me think about the best way to explain and share data and information."


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