Tableau visualisations

For some of our reports, we have used Tableau visualisations to illustrate the data we have collected during our audit work.

Local government in Scotland: Challenges and performance 2018

Local government
Published April 2018

Spending and performance of services for individual councils, and public satisfaction with services.

Local government in Scotland: Financial overview 2017

Local government
Published November 2017

Councils' income, reserves and revenue costs of general fund borrowing.

NHS in Scotland 2017

NHS in Scotland
Published October 2017

Expenditure and cost pressures, demand for NHS services, overall performance standards and key public health indicators.

Transport Scotland's ferry routes

ferry services
Published October 2017

Passenger and vehicle numbers for individual ferry routes, along with statistics on reliability and punctuality for ferry routes in Scotland.

Scotland's colleges 2017

Published June 2017

The 2017 overview of colleges in Scotland updates income and expenditure sources, the student population make-up, and attainment and retention levels from 2016.

Spending across service areas in councils

Published November 2016

How councils spend across different service areas, comparing individual councils with others in the rest of Scotland.

NHS in Scotland 2016

Published October 2016

Information about Scottish health boards' expenditure and savings, and performance and workforce indicators.

Scotland's colleges 2016

Published August 2016

An overview of colleges in Scotland including income and expenditure sources, the student population make-up, and attainment and retention levels.

Maintaining Scotland's roads

Published August 2016

The condition and state of trunk and local roads in Scotland.

Major capital projects in councils

Published March 2016

Councils' individual project status and capital spend.