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Health sector national reports 2012/13

Audit Scotland's generic framework for Best Value for the NHS:

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Management of patients on NHS waiting lists

21 February 2013 for the Auditor General

The Scottish Government and health boards must improve the management and scrutiny of NHS waiting lists to assure patients that they are being treated fairly. Key aspects of the current systems are inadequate and insufficient information is recorded in patient records.

Prescribing in general practice in Scotland

24 January 2013 for the Auditor General

The NHS in Scotland has improved how it manages prescribing in general practice during a period when it has faced considerable pressures. Spending on drugs has fallen in real terms over the past seven years despite the volume of prescriptions rising significantly.

Health inequalities in Scotland

13 December 2012 for the Auditor General / Accounts Commission

There remain major differences in the health and life expectancy of different groups of people in Scotland. The problem is complex and addressing it requires a range of public bodies working together effectively; it is not just the responsibility of health services.

NHS financial performance 2011/12

25 October 2012 for the Auditor General

All 23 health boards in Scotland broke even in 2011/12. However, this required movements in funding across the NHS during the year, and this is not clearly reported in boards’ annual accounts.

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