Audit with purpose

26 August 2021
The Accounts Commission

Members of the Accounts Commission are united by a shared ambition to make a difference, to help ensure that the £27 billion spent by local government delivers better services for us all. These are services we use, every day, from education and social care, to roads and waste services.

The Commission provides impartial and independent assessments of councils and local government, both at a local level and through its unique view of the issues across Scotland and the links with health and care. The Commission’s strength comes from the diversity of experiences, skills and insight that Commission members have.

The Commission plays a significant role in Scottish public life, securing the delivery of independent, high quality public audit across Scotland’s 32 councils, 30 health and social care integration joint boards, and a range of other local government bodies. It provides assurance that local government bodies spend public money properly, efficiently and effectively, and helps them improve services and share good practice. This helps ensure public bodies prepare for future pressures and demands. The Commission’s reports are authoritative, and highly regarded by national and local government. The Commission operates independently from the Scottish Government and local authorities.

Applications are now open for a Chair of the Commission for an initial period of four years from the start of 2022. The role calls for an individual with a passion for public service, and a commitment to improving how councils and other public bodies effectively tackle the challenges facing communities and individuals across Scotland.

The successful candidate will be able to work collaboratively with fellow Commission members, the Auditor General for Scotland, Audit Scotland and other scrutiny bodies, as well as work closely with local government leaders, Scottish Government and Parliament. They must display excellent strategic leadership and decision-making skills and have a proven ability to drive development and continuous improvement.

The Commission’s scrutiny and insight matters. Responding to Covid-19 and maintaining the everyday services across councils has undoubtedly made scrutinising £27 billion of local authority spending more complex than ever. And with the multiple impacts of the pandemic, the work of the Commission has also shifted, for example an increased focus on inequalities, whilst remaining consistent with its fundamental principles: ensuring sound financial management, good governance, public accountability and transparency. The importance of the Commission, led well by the Chair and delivering robust, independent public audit has never been higher.

If you’re interested in this challenging opportunity, then please find out more on the Scottish Government’s website.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss or learn anything more about the role, please contact me at

The next Accounts Commission meeting will be livestreamed on 9 September. Watch the meeting and find out more about some of the issues it’s currently discussing and reporting on.