Perth and Kinross Council makes progress, but must drive forward improvements

22 August 2019 Share this LinkedIn
Best Value Assurance Report: Perth and Kinross Council

Perth and Kinross Council continues to improve many services. The council must now   demonstrate it has plans in place to tackle underperforming areas.

A report by the Accounts Commission, Scotland’s local authority watchdog, says the council demonstrates robust financial planning, putting it in a good position to tackle a projected budget shortfall of £52 million over the next five years.

Residents are more satisfied with their council services than the Scottish average. Many services are improving, particularly in the council’s priority areas such as household waste recycling and care services. But national data suggests around one third of services are declining and some are performing below the Scottish average.

Elma Murray, Deputy Chair of the Accounts Commission said:

"Whilst the council has made many steady improvements, it needs to tackle underperforming services. The council can do this by developing action plans from its own evaluation and performance reports. It can also build on excellent existing partnerships and demonstrate how its engagement with communities influences decisions about services and budgets.

"An ambitious new way of working more closely with citizens and communities, the ‘Perth and Kinross Offer’, has the potential to achieve considerable change in how services are designed and delivered. This will require significant drive and commitment from the council to ensure they reap the full benefits of this new initiative."