NHS workforce planning - part 2


Our report on NHS workforce planning - part 2, looking at the clinical workforce in general practice, was published in August 2019. The Tableau visualisation below illustrates the number of GPs in post, absence and vacancy rates, and the projected gaps between the targeted number of GPs and how many there could be under different scenarios.

About the data

Workforce in post

  • Number of GPs from ISD Scotland
  • GP WTE, nurse numbers and nurse WTE are all estimates for the whole of Scotland, based on the Primary Care Workforce Survey, ISD Scotland.
  • Filters can be used to select an NHS board area, and to compare the GP share for each board for two years.

GP absences

  • Data from the 2017 Primary Care Workforce Survey, ISD Scotland.
  • Use the filter to select a measure for the bar chart.
  • Click on a bar to filter the planned and unplanned absence pie chart. A bar must be selected to view accurate figures in these charts.


  • Data from the 2017 Primary Care Workforce Survey, ISD Scotland.

Health and care experience survey

  • Data from the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey, Scottish Government.
  • Select a measure from the drop down list to view the board level performance.
  • Selected measures are shown over time for Scotland. Not all measures had trend data, and not all had board level data.

GP projections

How to use our graphics

All the graphics are interactive and may be best viewed by clicking on the full screen icon at the bottom right of the exhibit:

  • Hovering over the map and graphs will give you more detailed information.
  • To clear selections, click on any white space in the graph you used as a filter.
  • To access the data behind the graphics, click on the graph you're interested in, then click 'Download' at the bottom of the graphics and select the format.