Round table discussions

John Cade
Ashleigh Madjitey, Tim Gilling
Emma Burnell

The Accounts Commission's 2010 report How councils work - Roles and working relationships: are you getting it right? emphasised that councillors and officers must keep up with a complex and evolving role. The Accounts Commission hosted two round table discussions to explore how the current local government environment impacts on the governance of councils. The Accounts Commission used the messages from these discussions to inform its follow-up report “How councils work: Roles and working relationships – are you still getting it right?” A summary of each discussion is below.

Round table 1
This included leading practitioners and academics from England and Wales and looked at how the operating context and practice there impacted on the skills and roles required of officers and councillors.

Download transcript round table 1 - PDF 102Kb

Round table 2
This included representatives from Scottish local government and discussed the themes from the first event further to identify issues and the likely lessons for Scottish local government.

Download transcript round table 2 - PDF 101Kb

Who attended the round table events

George Black, Jenny Laing, Lorna Johnston
Karen Wiles
Richard Kerley

Leading local government practitioners and academics attended the round tables, from organisations including:

  • Accounts Commission
  • Audit Scotland
  • Centre for Public Scrutiny
  • Councillor representatives
  • Good Governance Institute
  • Institute of Local Government Studies
  • Queen Margaret University
  • New Local Government Network
  • Standards Commission
  • Strathclyde University