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Compendium 2012/13

The Scottish Policing Performance Framework (SPPF) was launched by Scottish ministers in February 2007 and first came into effect for 2007/08. The framework was developed jointly by the Association of Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), the eight Scottish police forces, the Scottish Executive's Justice Department, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland (HMICS), Audit Scotland and the Scottish Police Authorities Conveners' Forum.

The framework includes all of the Accounts Commission's statutory performance indicators (SPIs) for police services, and requires forces to report nationally and locally against a range of indicators covering:

  • Service Response
  • Public Reassurance & Community Safety
  • Criminal Justice & Tackling Crime
  • Sound Governance & Efficiency.

For each of these areas, there are high-level objectives reflecting national policing priorities. These have been translated into three types of measures: Outcomes (what is achieved); Activities (the activity or process used to get the outcomes); and Inputs (the resources used). Additionally, there are Context measures, which provide information to allow a better understanding of the environment within which a police force operates.

The most recent performance results are available on the Scottish Government website.

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