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Compendium 2002/03

The information contained in this section covers the period up to the end of financial year 2002/03. To analyse the data download the Excel spreadsheets. The PDF files give an explanation of each indicator as well as the data.

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Several factors affect the way a council provides its services. Some factors are outwith the control of a service - for example, the level of deprivation.

Other factors may be specific to a particular service or to the groups of people it serves. These local factors may mean that a council with a performance which, at first sight, appears to be worse than that of another has, in fact, done better given the circumstances it faces.

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Profiles 2002/03

The information in this section is presented on a service-by-service basis. The profiles enable you to compare the performance of councils with one another across a range of services.

The Profiles are in three sections

Read Section 1 to learn more about the approach of the Council Profiles (PDF | 350KB)

Section 1 introduces the approach to the profiles and will be helpful to your understanding of the files presented in Section 2.

Section 2 contains a profile on a council-by-council basis, with measures drawn from three financial years to aid quick comparisons.

Section 3 contains information on each performance indicator on a service-by-service basis (see links to services below).

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