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Compendium 2008/09

The information contained in this section covers the period up to the end of financial year 2008/09. For each council, the information enables you to see how the council's achievement against each indicator has changed over time, (for those indicators that have been in use in previous years).

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Additional notes on the Compendium 2008/09


This year, an additional column has been added to the main compendium files and the individual council files to enable us to rank the data. We have ranked all the performance information data where appropriate, but not any of the supplementary information. For data that has been deemed as unreliable by the local auditor, or in instances where too many councils performance indicators are at 100 per cent, the data has been left unranked.

All data that is highlighted in blue has been deemed as unreliable by the local auditor, so hasn't been ranked or included in the all Scotland totals.

Benefits Administration

There have been changes to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) method of collecting information with regard to the Benefits Administration indicators. Due to the concerns raised, it has been decided that we will not report on these indicators (BA1, BA2 & BA3) for 2008/09.

Respite Care Indicators

The information included in this website was directly reported by local authorities. However, local authorities have not been consistent in their application of the guidance. Further checks and validation were carried out by the Scottish Government and up to date figures can be found on the Scottish Government website.