Publication: An overview of local government in Scotland 2016

March 17, 2016 by Accounts Commission
Publication cover: An overview of local government in Scotland 2016

Budget reductions mean starker choices ahead for councils which will not be met simply by continuing to cut staff and services, says a new report.

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Spending across service areas in councils

We compiled data from the Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement showing how councils spend across individual services. This is illustrated in an interactive graphic which compares individual councils with others in the rest of Scotland. The graphic has been updated for 2015/16 for our report Local government in Scotland: Financial overview 2015/16.



Major capital projects in councils

As part of the field work for our report Major capital investment in councils: a follow-up, we gathered data showing how councils procured major capital projects, and what type of projects were built. We have compiled this data into an interactive graphic here.




Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee

The Accounts Commission gave evidence on this report to the Committee in September 2016.

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