Publication: NHS in Scotland 2023 - audit scope

February 2024 by Auditor General
Publication cover: NHS in Scotland 2023 - audit scope

Our NHS in Scotland 2022 report focused on progress against the NHS Recovery PlanĀ 2021-2026 (published in August 2021). The report highlighted that progress against recovery ambitions had been slow, and that the current financial, workforce and demand pressures faced by the NHS presented an ongoing risk to recovery.

The 2023 report, reflecting the need for short-, medium- and long-term investment and reform to ensure the future sustainability of the NHS in Scotland, will provide an update on the implementation of longer-term reforms, such as the Sustainability and Value Programme and the Care and Wellbeing Portfolio approach, alongside reporting on how recovery has been progressed.

This will include an increased focus on funding and finances (performance, position and sustainability); analysis of service performance and patient safety; and progress on wider reforms aimed to ensure services remain sustainable.

Audit scope - PDF 96Kb