Report: Changing models of health and social care

March 10, 2016 by Auditor General, Accounts Commission

A lack of national leadership and clear planning is preventing the wider change urgently needed if Scotland’s health and social care services are to adapt to increasing pressures.

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Exhibit 1- Taking a whole-system approach

Supplement 2 - East Lothian's model of health and social care

East Lothian is taking a whole-system approach to understanding its local population and planning health and social care services.

Find out more about how it is using local data and intelligence to build a comprehensive picture about the needs of its population and those making most use of its services.




Transforming health and social care in Scotland

Visit our health and social care resource page to view our animation and find out about our work in health and social care services.




Scottish Parliament Public Audit Committee

The Committee took evidence on this report at its meeting in September 2016.

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