Report: Scotland's City Region and Growth Deals

To be published January 2020 by Auditor General, Accounts Commission

With the devolution of additional financial powers to the Scottish Government, public sector resources in Scotland will be more reliant on the performance of the Scottish economy.  The Scottish Government has a key role in supporting the growth of Scotland’s economy.  One of the key initiatives that could help drive this growth at a regional level are City Region and Growth Deals.  These are agreements reached by the Scottish and UK Governments with local authorities and their regional partners to provide funding for economic growth initiatives in line with regional priorities.

Audit Scotland is carrying out the first of two performance audits looking at these Deals.  This will focus on the rationale, development and management arrangements for the deals and identify early progress and risks.  A second audit will re-visit the Deals at a later date to look at longer-term progress.

Further information on the scope of the audit is available in the project flyer.

We aim to publish the audit in late 2019.

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