Report: The National Fraud Initiative in Scotland - audit scope

To be published summer 2022 by Audit Scotland

Our last NFI report in June 2020 highlighted that a total of £15.3 million of fraud and error had been recorded in the previous two years. At that time, the cumulative total of fraud and error identified since the NFI began in 2006 was £143.6 million in Scotland and £1.93 billion across the UK. These figures include fraud and error that had been detected, as well as an estimate of future losses that have been prevented. 

This year’s report will comment on the amount of fraud and error identified in the most recent NFI data matching activity. It will use case studies from public bodies to illustrate the impact that NFI is having in Scotland. It will also review how well Scottish public bodies are managing the exercise, including their investigation of the data matches.

Audit scope - PDF 88Kb