Commission meetings

Commission meeting

We meet monthly and in public and we welcome visitors. We also have two committees which meet in private.

You don’t have to be there for the whole meeting and can come in at any time. We ask visitors to respect the conduct of business and not cause any disruption such as trying to talk to Commission members, applauding or displaying banners.

Format of meetings

We want to strike the right balance between being open about the way we make decisions, and ensuring that Commission members are able to have candid and robust discussions about sensitive matters.

The Commission may decide, under paragraph 16 of our Standing Orders, to hold all or part of a meeting in private. The agenda for each meeting sets out the items which it's proposed should be considered in private and the reasons why, and the Commission will make a decision about these items at the start of the meeting.

When any business is considered in private, the minutes will record the nature of the business considered and any decisions reached. 


While the Commission ordinarily meets in public, the Covid-19 emergency means that meetings will now be conducted online. These meetings are recorded and made available to the public. These can be obtained on request from

Meeting papers

Previous meetings


11 February 2021

14 January 2021

Previous years

Accounts Commission minutes before 2011 are available here (PDF | 1.8MB).