Scottish Borders Council can do more to be fit for the future

22 October 2019 Share this LinkedIn
Best Value Assurance Report: Scottish Borders Council

Scottish Borders Council has made steady progress as it continues to transform the way it delivers services. Working with other organisations will be key to the council achieving its ambitions for further changes.

A report by the Accounts Commission, Scotland’s local authority watchdog, says the council must have clear plans to enable it to deliver its ambitious programme of transformation. The programme, called Fit for 2024, aims to improve how the council is run and save £30 million within the next five years.

The Commission says it is important for the council to be clear about the senior level staff it needs and have the right mix of skills in its workforce to deliver services differently. It is also crucial that that all council staff contribute to the transformation plans.

Although education, economic development and some social care services continue to improve, many services are performing below the national average. The council must do more to understand where and how these services need to improve.

Graham Sharp, Chair of the Accounts Commission, said:

“The continued progress Scottish Borders Council has made to transform services is encouraging. Now it must focus on several critical areas including tackling underperforming services, ensuring councillors have the right training to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities and getting to grips with both staff and community engagement.”