NHS in Scotland 2017


Our report on NHS in Scotland 2017 was published in October 2017. The Tableau visualisation below illustrates expenditure, cost pressures, demand for NHS services, overall performance standards and key public health indicators.

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NHS in Scotland 2017

About the data

Expenditure and NRAC data

  • Total core revenue expenditure data is at 2016/17 financial year end and was taken from the NHS board 2016/17 accounts.
  • Population data, used to calculate spend per 1,000 population from the National Records of Scotland 2016 mid-year population estimates, published April 2017.
  • NHS Scotland Resource Allocation Committee (NRAC) figures were provided to Audit Scotland by the Scottish Government.

Cost pressures

  • Agency spend taken from NHS board 2016/17 accounts.
  • Drug costs from Information Services Division (ISD) cost book data.
  • The percentage of the NHS estate rated as being in good condition is published in the Scottish Government’s Annual State of the NHS Scotland Assets and Facilities Report for 2016.

Demand pressures

  • Inpatient and outpatient figures are March census data, emergency admissions and number of procedures are annual figures.
  • The sum of all the boards does not always equal the Scotland total as this can include patients whose residence is outwith Scotland, with no fixed abode or with unknown residence.
  • ISD published data as at August 2017
  • Emergency admissions and number of procedures – figures are for 2015/16 as this is the most recent data available.

GP data

  • GP census data, published by ISD in December 2016.

Performance indicators

  • Performance indicators are for the quarter-ending March 2017, except for the accident and emergency, delayed discharge and referral to treatment targets, and the treatment time guarantee unavailability indicator, which all are for the month-ending March 2017.
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) data is combined for the island boards.
  • ISD data as at August 2017.

Life expectancy

  • Data published by the Scottish Public Health Observatory, September 2017.

Public health trends

  • Data from the 2016 Scottish Health Survey, published by the Scottish Government.

How to use our graphics

All the graphics are interactive:

  • Hovering over the map and graphs will give you more detailed information.
  • Data can be filtered by NHS board by clicking on the map or graph.
  • Line charts use the first year of the financial year period on the axis eg 2016=2016/17 financial year.
  • To clear selections click on any white space in the graph you used as a filter.
  • To access the data behind the graphics, click on the graph you're interested in, then click 'Download' at the bottom of the graphics and select the format.