Report: Finances of Scottish universities

To be published autumn 2019 by Auditor General

The higher education sector in Scotland makes an important contribution to both the Scottish economy and wider society. It has global reach, attracting students from across the world. An internationally competitive and inclusive higher education sector is central to achieving the Scottish Government’s strategic objectives of a ‘Smarter Scotland’ and a ‘Wealthier and Fairer Scotland’. 

This report, publishing in summer 2019, will follow up on the financial aspects of our 2016 report Audit of higher education in Scottish universities, and will assess the financial sustainability of Scottish universities.  The report will comment on:

  • What was the financial position of the higher education sector in Scotland in 2017/18?
  • What are the financial opportunities and challenges for the sector, and for individual institutions over the next five years?
  • How well are Scottish universities, the Scottish Funding Council and the Scottish Government working together to develop sustainable plans for the sector?
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